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Experience, Integrity, and Innovative Leadership

Demonstrated through a lifelong commitment to Durham.

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Citizens for Judge Jim Hardin is pleased to announce that one of Durham County’s four Resident Superior Court Judges, the Honorable James E. “Jim” Hardin, Jr., will seek re-election to retain his seat on November 6, 2018. Describing why he is seeking re-election, Judge Hardin has said: “I grew up being taught that each of us should perform public service in our community to make it a better, more welcoming, and safe place for everyone. Serving the public comes in many forms, whether in one’s place of worship, civic club, or vocation. As we perform service in our community, we should strive to use our talents, interests, and aptitudes to the best of our ability. Serving in the justice system for the last 35 years as I have has allowed me to meet, what I believe is, my civic obligation to the community where I was born and raised and I wish to continue.”

Trial Experience as a Prosecutor

As a prosecutor in Durham County, I acted as lead counsel in approximately 100 jury trials, several of which represent the most notorious cases in Durham history.

Experienced Superior Court Judge

As a Superior Court Judge and Military Judge with the U.S. Army, I have presided over more than 200 criminal and civil jury trials, showing that I am the most uniquely qualified and experienced candidate seeking this position.

Lifelong Experience Serving the Community

35 plus years serving as a Superior Court Judge, a litigator, an Army Officer, and as an elected policymaker for our judicial district clearly demonstrate that I have the strongest credentials to successfully serve Durham as a Resident Superior Court Judge.

Continued Service

Succinctly stated, I have spent 35-plus years of my professional life in our courtrooms while serving the community where I was born and raised. I wish to continue in this service.

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